Somras Ventures believes in investing in technology companies that have a defensible model backed by IP protected technology and a scalable- ready to use tech platform, providing investor capital with the right platform to deliver high ROI scenarios.

Who Should Partner?

Companies and Individuals both can invest

Sector Focus

Most of our technologies have a strong focus on Sports, however they also have cross platform and cross industry applications. Write to us to know more!


Access to the brain trust

We have access to a deep well of data scientists, Elite Athletes, Sports Associations, Event Organisers, Broadcasters and experts in other disciplines. Each member of the management team has been an entrepreneur and understands the difficulties of building a company. We are here to help.

Long term view

We take the long view and are in this for the duration. We believe that building an enduring company takes time and discipline. We are prepared to support you through this journey and assist with anything from the smallest detail to helping design the strategy. We become your world’s best assistant once we make an investment.

Networks and connections

We have strong networks of contacts, ranging from other venture investors to founders, to scientists, to executives. We can often connect you with the right critical hire, customer, or funding partner. We try to ensure you become part of the community of ambitious leaders building the future.

Wondering Where our Name Came From?

Somras is the elixir of Life according to Hindu Mythology, the driving force behind  "Good Decisions". We believe that the strongest companies are based on. "Good Decisions" and. we aim to provide the eco-system for this to happen.






United Arab Emirates


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