Surya Phadke

Motto: Leave the world a better place!

Surya’s first paid employment was with Sky Computers LLC. The job entailed door-to-door and Exhibition Sales for the products. After working with them at GITEX 2009, surya quit this organization to focus full time on his under graduate degree.

During the course of his education Surya also worked with Keppel Fels , a leading manufacturer of Oil-Rigs and Ships based out of Singapore on a project for Mercator Ltd. (Formerly called Mercator Lines Limited), to build a Jack-Up oil rig. 

Before he graduated he also wrote a thesis in  “Truss Bridge Construction” supported by a computer program that he had built to support his theory-  The University had refused to buy the software sold to do the same task.

In 2009, Surya forayed into his first entrepreneurial venture starting Sunkist Security Solutions – Focused on selling home security networks/Solutions.

After 2 successful years at Sunkist, he decided to take up the INSEAD offer in 2011 and set about preparing for what will be the most rewarding year of his educational life. The year at INSEAD and Wharton was all it promised and much more. 

It was not until an off campus INSEAD class in New York titled “Social and Digital Media marketing Strategies” that the idea of launching a venture in Alcohol struck him.

Surya has previously been a guest lecturer at Pearl Academy of Fashion and also at Luxury Connect Business School.


BITS, Pilani, B.E. (Hons.) Mechanical Engineering  MBA - INSEAD, The Wharton School (University of Pennsylvania)

Interests & Hobbies

Surya loves sports! He enjoys badminton, F1 and football. When not on the field his interests are reading historical novels and Sufi Music!

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